FSI Employee Highlight: Wendy Cain

The FSI Most Valuable Employee (MVE) program has returned for 2019! If you don’t know about our MVE program yet, it’s a way that FSIoffice recognizes well-deserving employees for their hard work. Each month, a couple departments are selected to vote for the Most Valuable Employee from within their departments, and those winners are announced in our company’s employee newsletter. To celebrate the winners, each one is featured in an FSI Employee Highlight post on our blog. Our first Employee Highlight for 2019 is on Wendy Cain, an Accounts Payable Clerk who has worked at FSIoffice for 29 years! Keep scrolling to learn some fun facts about Wendy!

Name:  Wendy Cain
Title:  Accounts Payable Clerk
Time at FSIoffice:  29 Years

What do you love most about what you do and about working at FSIoffice in general?

I love everything about it. I love the laid back atmosphere. The people of FSI have become a big part of my family. Wonderful company and awesome people!

Tell us about your job position and some of your typical work tasks.

As an Accounts Payable Clerk, I print checks for invoices that are due to be paid.

What has been your favorite project or task at FSIoffice?

Trying to find that one number that causes the book not to balance before printing checks.

Before working at FSI, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have had?

I worked in Cannon Mills where everything I did was in production. I would have cotton all over my hair clothes, eyes, etc.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you “grow up”?

I wanted to be a police officer.

What is on your bucket list to do?

I would love to travel to see Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone, just to name a few.

What is your favorite thing to do in the wonderful city of Charlotte?

I love to walk downtown, get ice cream, and people watch.

Who is your favorite musician/musical group?

Rascal Flatts, Big Daddy Weave, Lauren Daigle, and Nicole C. Mullen

What are some of your favorite TV shows, movies, and/or books?

TV: Survivor and The Voice

Movies: Anything action packed with Denzel Washington

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Rib-eye steak with a salad and sweet potato

What are some of your favorite activities and interests outside of work?

I love camping and going to ball games

What’s a miscellaneous fun fact about you?

People say I talk very country! 🙂

What more can you tell us about yourself? 

  • I have been married for 22 years.
  • I have two children. My son, Justin, is 29 years old and has just celebrated his one year anniversary with his beautiful wife, Anna. My daughter, Shi, is 19 years old and is a freshmen at Erksine College.
  • I love spending time with my family!


Below are some wonderful quotes from the peers who voted for her!

“Wendy gives 100% every day to FSI. Focused on check run on time for mail run every day. Always finds a solution to the problem.”

“She strives for excellence in all she does. She is very efficient and always happy to do more. She always works hard all day and looks for more. Everyone in the company loves Wendy. I never have heard her say anything bad about FSI. She is always here on time. I don’t know anyone any more positive than Wendy. She is always ready to change for positive results.  ”

“Wendy Cain is such a gem! She is a very valued and respected employee by all. Wendy is always dependable and happy to help anyone at any time. If I could vote for her more than once, I would!”

“Wendy works hard and deserves to be recognized.”

Enjoy reading about our amazing staff? Check in again for more FSI Employee Highlights coming soon!


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