Did you know that June is National Safety Month?

Safety is a concern in all aspects of our lives, however, many of us do not take enough precautions to stay safe while at work. In fact, there are approximately 1.1 million workplace injuries nationwide each year according to the National Safety Council.

So in celebration of National Safety Month, we have put together some workplace safety guidelines and tips. And for more tips and information on workplace safety, check out our Safety at Work board on Pinterest!


  • Use good posture while at your desk. Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your monitor directly in front of you with the top no higher than eye level.
  • Place keyboard directly in front of your monitor to prevent frequently turning your head and neck.
  • Use a sit & stand workstation to prevent health issues caused by prolonged sitting.


  • Watch for spills or other obstacles on the floor and report any hazards.
  • When using filing cabinets, only open one drawer at a time to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Keep filing cabinet and desk drawers closed when not in use to prevent others from walking into them.
  • Always use the handrails when taking the stairs.
  • Secure all electrical and computer cords with cable ties and surge protectors. Loose wiring presents a tripping hazard.
  • When lifting, use the “L” position and lift from your legs to prevent muscle strain.
  • Make sure your workplace is well lit and replace lightbulbs when they burn out.
  • Use the elevator when carrying heavy loads.
  • Secure heavy objects in lower drawers or close to the floor.


  • Obey your company’s smoking rules and only smoke in designated areas.
  • Do not throw away matches, ashes or cigarette butts into the regular trash.
  • Do not touch electrical outlets, plugs or switches with wet hands.
  • Label and safely store all combustible items and fluids.


  • Know your workplace’s evacuation plan in case of a fire or other disaster.
  • Make sure your office has designated fire marshals or security personnel for times of need.
  • Your workplace should practice fire drills once a year at the minimum.
  • Have a designated safe place for employees to go during a tornado or other type of windstorm.
  • Store a well-supplied first aid kit in your office to treat potential injuries.
  • Regularly inspect sprinklers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your workplace.
  • Make sure exit signs are clearly marked.


Report any safety hazards to your supervisor. Examples of some hazards you should point out are:

  • Broken furniture or appliances
  • Torn carpet
  • Loose floorboards or tiles
  • Stray electrical cables or obstruction of walkways
  • Frayed or damaged electrical cords




Begin Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution Journal



Have you thought about how you will stay true to your 2017 New Year’s Resolution? 2017 is only days away and you have to contemplate in your mind what your New Year’s Resolution will be. After all the excitement of ringing in a new year, resolution lasts typically 30 to 60 days. People stop using their gym memberships, continue to spend over budget and lose sight on spending more time with family. To prevent falling within that 60% of failed resolution statistic, try maintaining a journal.

We all know the saying “old habits die hard” holds some truth. So with that said find a journal that fits your personality so you are more eager and willing to keep your resolution throughout the year.

In your journal, log your New Year’s Resolution goals and take each step one day at a time. Having a journal will keep you more accountable and on track. When you start seeing success, you will be filled with positive emotions that will reinforce your determination to keep going.

Good luck and happy journaling! 


Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office!

Don’t be labeled as the bad gift giver or Scrooge. We understand how difficult it is to select gifts for your diverse office.  That is why we have created the perfect list for sure to spread a flurry of Christmas cheer for everyone this holiday season! 


The Safe Option: Baby, it may be cold outside, but the ambiance in the office doesn’t have to be. There is always that group of employees in the office that leaves you stumped. To keep Santa from hearing them pout,  Gift baskets are a fun way to celebrate the holidays and it can include practical items that they will absolutely use and enjoy. Spread some hot-cocoa cheer with white fluffy marshmallows with this gift basket that you can personalize with your company logo!

Click here to check out more gift baskets!


For the Chocolate, Cookies and Cocoa Lovers: Put the twinkle in their eyes and the jingle-bell rock in their socks  with these sweet treats! Chocolate lovers aren’t likely to say, ‘No’ when you give them their favorite treat! Especially when they have multiple sweet options in this gorgeous and stylish Executive Christmas Food Gift Box with bakery items and chocolate covered pretzels. We offer many options when it comes to chocolate. Don’t be shy; go ahead and order extra for yourself for the holidays. We promise we won’t tell anyone.




Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares


For the “Big Kids” in the Office: Bring joy to the office with card games and ‘reindeer‘ games!   Afterall, Christmas brings out the kid in us all. Holidays are all about spending time with family and what better way to do that than playing games? UNO! Haha! Now you have to draw four cards!


MTT 42003

HR_LGCSI00 Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Sethoreshoe-set



You will for sure have a ‘Silent Night‘ after using our gift guide.  Sometimes the magic of Christmas is found in the simple things. We want to wish you, and your employees, a magical and delightful Christmas! Happy Gift Giving!





The holidays are right around the corner! Have you ordered your corporate and holiday gifts yet? Luckily for you, we now offer the perfect gift of delicious Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares and hot cocoa. For a limited time, we offer the following luscious assortment.


 Milk Chocolate – GHR83390

Ghirardelli’s best-selling Milk Chocolate SQUARES are now available in an 80 count gift bag. Our Milk Chocolate SQUARES’ proprietary blend of deep-roasted cocoa beans deliver the legendary taste of Ghirardelli milk chocolate you’ve come to know and love.


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This gift bag is filled with 80 of Ghirardelli’s best selling Milk & Caramel SQAURES chocolates. Show you’ve got great taste by serving them at your next office party or giving them as a gift to a friend or coworker. 


Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie – GHR83352

NEW FLAVOR! Ghirardelli Brownie mixes are famous for delivering ultra-rich brownies. Experience brownie flavor in a SQUARE, with the rich slow-melting milk chocolate, decadent brownie flavor filling and a sprinkle of sea salt. 


                                                   Dark Chocolate Blueberry – GHR83511      

Try these NEW Dark Chocolate Blueberry SQUARES! Sweet and tart blueberry enrobed in dark chocolate, is sure to satisfy your senses.ghirardelli-chocolate-hot-cocoa-premium-indulgence-caddy

Hot Cocoa Premium Indulgence – GHR62083

The luxuriously deep flavor of Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Premium Indulgence creates the intense, lingering chocolate experience cherished by true cocoa lovers. Just mix with water and enjoy the classic taste of Ghirardelli.








Uncapped-The BIC Challenge!

BIC Mark-it

BIC Mark-it marker


You forgot to put the cap back on, but BIC has you covered! Introducing the new BIC Mark-it Permanent Marker that can be uncapped for two weeks and the ink won’t dry out! Too good to be true? Well, we did a BIC vs Sharpie challenge. Look below to see who out marked who.  



Blueline Desk Calendars

Take the BIC Challenge, post a picture of your challenge and we will send you a FREE box of BIC Mark-it Permanent Markers! (Challenge ends on Oct. 31, 2016)




Make Your Impression-Top 5 Promotional Products Under $1


Putting your logo on everyday products like pens and cups is practically genius! Not only are you increasing your brand awareness and attracting new clients, you are ultimately growing your business and building relationships. Promotional products have been proven many times as an effective and efficient way to market your business to a mass audience without hard labor. Below you will find the best promotional products on the market that are cost effective and stylish. Are you ready to make your impression? 



Top 5 Promotional Products

Under $1!


  1. Writing Instruments


Pencils and pens are perfect promotional products because everyone uses them and they are CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! As the old saying goes, “You can NEVER have too many pens!”

2. Adhesive Notepads


What better way to remind people about your company than with an adhesive notepad that they use for their own daily reminders like shopping lists and doctors appointments? GENIUS! It’s time to start sticking your brand in your consumer’s mind now! Get it? HA!



Did you know that 53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware? Those are some thirsty consumers! Haha! Attract an outdoor companion with the spill-resistant pop-top water bottle. Not only will your potential consumer use this, but travel with it to the gym for others to see!

4. Skeleton Key Tag with LED and Stylus


Turn the key to new customers with this cool multi-functional tool! This skeleton key tag with LED  and stylus is very handy and available in several colors. Not only does it have a light and stylus, but can also be used as a stand for your phone! How key-riffic is that?!

5. Stress Minis


Why not be there for your customer during a stressful time? Simply rest in the palm of their hand and melt the stress away with this squishy ball. You know after the stress has been relieved, a game of desk hoops is sure to follow. Stress minis are great advertising items for massage therapists,  colleges, and universities.