Love Post-it Notes? So do we! In fact, we love them so much that we have assembled a list of 20 creative ways you can use Post-it Notes in the classroom. Keep scrolling for clever ideas you can use to make learning STICK with the use of Post-it Notes.

  1. Keep a stack on your desk for students to use as bookmarks.
  2. Immortalize your school mascot with Post-it Note Pixel Art! Click to download a template of various popular team mascots.
  3. Lined Post-it Notes are perfect for sending notes home to parents.
  4. Practice sentence order. Click for lesson plan!
  5. Create a Post-it Note Lesson Plan Book. Here’s a blog post with instructions.
  6. Create a KWL (Know, Wonder, & Learn) Board, a fun and effective learning strategy that gets students engaged in a new unit by plugging it into what they already know. Learn how!
  7. Have students use part of a Post-it Notes pad to make little flip books!
  8. Make a classroom seating chart. Use a different Post-it note for each name and then easily rearrange as needed.
  9. Inspire students to reflect on lessons with a “What Stuck” Board. What’s a “What Stuck” Board, you ask? A cool and innovative way to learn what students are taking away from each lesson. Click to read more!
  10. Assemble a fun scavenger hunt for your students with the clues written on Post-its!
  11. Don’t want to mess up a student’s great project or report by writing comments all over it? Use Post-it notes to leave comments and grades on those projects they worked so hard on!
  12. Get creative with your bulletin boards by creating Post-it pixel artwork! Click for some fun downloadable templates, such as “Under the Sea” and “Space Voyage”!
  13. Visualize date by creating a bar graph using Post-it Super Stick Notes. Here’s how!
  14. Use 6×4 Post-its in this fun quiz game!
  15. Have a brainstorming session with your students! Write a topic or problem on the board and ask students to write their ideas on Post-its and stick them under the topic.
  16. Build students’ vocabulary with this fun Compound Word Hunt Game!
  17. Help students visualize fractions with Post-it Notes and Post-it Big NotesClick for the lesson plan!
  18. Write a poll on the board with different choices underneath. Ask students to write their names on a Post-it and stick them under the choice for which they want to vote.
  19. Compare and contrast two things with a Venn Diagram using Post-its!
  20. Ask students to assemble a timeline chart of their lives using Post-it notes. Click for more info on this fun project!

In what ways do you use Post-it Notes in your classroom? Share with us in the comments!

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