Effective Employee Engagement Ideas

A successful method for increasing retention rates and improving overall productivity within your organization is to focus your attention on employee engagement. When employees are engaged, not only do they feel happy and satisfied at work, but they also are committed to the company they work for and feel a sense of passion towards their job position. To quote former Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant, “to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” And to win in the workplace, you must implement activities that engage your employees. Read on for some great ideas to try!

One | Hold Regular Brainstorming Sessions

Guided brainstorm sessions are the perfect platform for encouraging employee creativity and problem-solving. Not only will employees feel their opinions are valued, but team members will build off of each other’s ideas and will continue to communicate with each other about relevant topics long after the meeting is over.

Two | Bring in a Motivational Speaker

Bringing a motivational speaker into the workplace will equip your employees with expert knowledge, give them a fresh perspective, and leave them feeling inspired to set higher goals and achieve great things.

Three | Start an Employee Newsletter

Fill  your staff newsletter with interesting content your employees actually will want to read. Include inside company news, workplace tips, related blog posts, and company events. Use this platform to highlight and celebrate employees by featuring sections for birthdays, birth announcements, retirements, employee compliments, and praise-worthy accomplishments.

Four | Use Team-Building Activities

Think of different team-building activities for your employees to participate in, such as trivia contests, department cook-offs, work jeopardy, or a fun escape room, just to name a few. Team-building activities are wonderful, because they improve in-office relationships and leave employees feeling more energized and focused.

Five | Send Out an Employee Survey

If you want to get honest feedback from your employees about their satisfaction with their job position and work environment, send out a survey for employees to complete and submit anonymously. Anonymous surveys are a great way to measure employee engagement and spot areas that your company can improve in to improve overall employee morale.

Six | Spotlight and Praise Deserving Employees

Start a company program that rewards employees for their excellent work behavior. You can start an Employee of the Month program or something similar that highlights deserving employees each month. At FSIoffice, we have our Most Valuable Employee program, where peers vote on the Most Valuable Employee within their department. Each department winner is featured in our newsletter, and we also post a photo and fun questionnaire of each winner on our company blog. However you choose to go about it, rewarding and praising employees is vital in keeping your staff engaged and motivated.

Seven | Focus on Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Employees that are healthy and active are far more energized and productive while at work. To keep productivity up and turnover rates down, put some energy into improving overall wellness in your workplace. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Start a walking club for employees during lunch
  • Ask one of your employees to lead a yoga class for their coworkers
  • Designate a workout spot with gym equipment to encourage employees to exercise
  • Offer healthy snack options in the breakroom and vending machines
  • Purchase Standing Desk Workstations to give your employees the option to stand while working at their desks. Click here to shop our collection of Standing Desk Workstations.

Eight | Reward Employees with Catered Lunches

Bringing in free catered lunches for employees makes them feel appreciated by their company. Everyone loves a free lunch, and it also encourages mingling between coworkers and helps employees get to know their peers outside of their own department.

Nine | Volunteer Together

Creating a culture of giving back inspires employee engagement and worker passion. Host a company fundraising event, such as a cancer walk or silent auction, and encourage all of your employees to participate. In addition to organizing charity events at your company, another way to show commitment to the community is by giving your employees a half day each month to get out of the office and volunteer with a charity organization.


When you take the time to focus on employee engagement, you soon will see increased productivity and an overall improved workplace morale. Take these 9 ideas and put them into practice to see improved employee engagement at your organization!

What activities have you implemented at your workplace to increase employee engagement? Share with us in the comments!

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