Let’s Get Technical about Your Home Office: The best solutions for At-Home Tech

By now hopefully, you have settled into your rhythm for working from home and have been getting used to the transition. Although you might be three weeks into your new rhythm, you might come to realize that you are still missing some technology to ease your experience.

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We’re here to help with that, and as lots of brick and mortar stores and businesses are closed, you need supplies delivered to your home. FSI is committed to helping you with our new delivery service, FSIatHome. Get the same great products and FSI truck delivery, now delivered to your home. Anyway, get ready to fill your cart!

1 | A must-have: the Fellowes Climate Controlled Footrest. Relieve lower back pressure, improve your posture, and receive a message from your footrest. This is the perfect product for working at home because you can take your shoes off and let your footrest do the work providing ergonomic comfort. Enjoy three soothing temperatures while you’re at it, too: cool, low heat, and high heat. The best part is you score 35% off when you buy today!

2 | Computer mouses are a necessity but commonly overlooked when setting up shop at home. Relying on your click pad can be frustrating, and mouse cords can be too long for your desk. Go wireless with the Verbatim Bluetooth Multi-Trac LED Tablet Mouse. This mouse only needs one AAA battery and provides accurate movement on almost any surface.

3 | Don’t allow yourself to be uncomfortable in your own home again. Instead, sit comfortably with the Lorell Ergo Mesh Lumbar Back Support. Adjust this back support up and down along your back as you please depending on where you need support. Simply slip the elastic band over the chair and enjoy relief.

4 |Your new workspace might be a tad noisier than usual with the closing of schools, so, now more than ever, you need to limit distractions! Do so with music, podcasts, or whatever you enjoy through the Logitech H540 USB Headset. Perfect for lengthy conference calls as well, its ear cups are padded leatherette and designed to remain comfortable after hours of wear!

5 | Print with precision with the HP Officejet 200 Inkjet Color Printer! Enjoy top-notch processor speed, quiet operation, printing from other devices, and the easiest setup yet. The Inkjet 200 prints in pristine color and is a great investment to the longevity of your home office.

If you are new to FSIoffice, we want to say ‘welcome!’ We hope this blog was helpful in informing you about some of the needed and best products when working from home. Thank you for supporting local business; your purchase keeps us open and able to continue serving Charlotte and the Southeast with office solutions.

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