The 10 Work From Home Necessities Everyone Needs

Laptop | Mouse | Surge Protector | A set-aside place of working | A Comfortable chair | Overcommunicate | Daily Schedule | Patience | Focus |Go for a walk outside

According to Gallup, 43 percent of U.S. employees work remotely every day or at least some of the time. These numbers are likely even higher considering COVID-19’s impact. All industries are rapidly adapting to the new and different demands, which is inevitably stressful for all employees involved.

FSIoffice is one of those companies having to adjust, as most of our office employees are now working from home. There’s no doubt that this transition is difficult and that’s why we want you to be fully prepared. There are at least 10 essential things you will need to be successful while working from home.

A Laptop

Unless you intend on taking your computer and monitor home with you, you will need a laptop to access your company’s network to work remotely. This can be challenging with your personal computer, so ask your supervisor if your company can assign you a laptop.

A Mouse

This is an item that can easily be overlooked and taken for granted as we all have one in the office! If you don’t already have a mouse to use with your laptop or computer at home, consider buying one; it will make life much easier. We recommend going wireless when considering which mouse to buy.

Surge Protector

It’s likely that you have at least one surge protector in your home already which is a great start. Surge Protectors defend your electronic devices from surges of electricity. Be proactive while enjoying the ease of plugging in all of your essential devices into the same outlet for work.

Set Aside a Place for Working

Don’t work from your bed—it may be tempting, but don’t do it. Having your devices in bed can mess up your sleeping rhythms, but also it is a best practice to work from a desk. Get creative, remove distractions, and get comfortable because you’ll be there all day. Take a look at these creative workspaces for inspiration.

A Comfortable ChairSitting Graphic

A comfortable chair is a game-changer, and quite frankly important to stay on task while working from home. Don’t tolerate discomfort at home, and don’t force yourself to sit on the hard chair at the dinner table. With the correct chair and posture, you can gain up to 30 percent in energy for workplace performance!


Efficient communication is critical but can be overlooked. While it’s easier to communicate with everyone in-office, with the soaring number of people working from home now, good communication remains a top priority for businesses now more than ever. Response times might become slower with your team scattered so you should make communication clear and precise. Over-communication is the key concept; if you think your colleagues will want to know something, share it with them.

Daily Schedule

This one has the ability to impact your experience the most and should be well thought out. Replicate your daily schedule as if you were going to work like normal. Set your alarm at the same time, get dressed like usual, and make the commute to your desk! You’ll save time on commuting, but your actions will be rewarded by your mind easing into the normal rhythm.


This new transition will require a lot of patience. If you’re not already used to working from home, and with schools closed, you may have also just become a full-time home worker and parent at once! Set reasonable expectations for your work in this new time, and don’t beat yourself up if working from home isn’t seamless right now. Show yourself grace, set up a daily schedule, continue your routines, and be patient as it all unfolds.


Focusing for extended periods of time at the office can sometimes be difficult when responding to emails and attending meetings. With unlimited distractions at home, this becomes all the more challenging. Put music on in the background to match your task at hand, log out of personal social media accounts, and plan out what you’re going to work on each morning. Develop plans that work for you, but remain mindful of the increased distractions.

Go For a Walk Outside

Lastly, spring has sprung and it is beautiful outside! Make time to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and fresh air. Local regulations permit outdoor activity with social distancing, so take care of your mental health and get some sun! Lunch breaks offer the perfect opportunity to head outside and go for a walk. Reduce stress and kick start your focus for the remainder of the day.

With ‘Stay-at-Home’ and quarantine policies in effect until April 30, this will be the new normal. Be prepared now and develop habits to carry even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Allow these times to mold you for the better and show some grace to yourself!

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