COVID-19: Work From Home, Well

Here at FSIoffice, we are doing our best to follow all the available best practices from the CDC to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus including “social distancing” and having most of our office employees work from home.

We know from our own experience that it can be a sudden transition to working from home so below we have a few suggestions to make the transition easier followed by some products that can make your workflow remain as productive at home as it is at your “traditional” workspace.


• While working from, home approach your day as if you are actually going into the office. If you typically wake up at 6:15, brush your teeth and get ready like usual stay on that schedule. Sticking to your usual routine will allow you to stay focused on work even though you are at home.

• Establish a specific workspace in your home where you can focus on the task at hand. It can be tempting to work from your bed, but that is not the best idea. Studies show that having your devices with you in bed can upset your sleeping rhythms.

• Take advantage of the outdoors during lunch breaks. Working from home offers you freedoms the office doesn’t. So, take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and gather your focus and thoughts before returning to work.

• Dress professionally…The key is to allow your mind to think you’re actually at work so you can be productive. If your office policy is coat and tie or office causal then do that at home as well.


1 | First things first, if you’re like us, you need that first cup of coffee to get going in the morning. If your office is usually your go-to for caffeine, you’ll want to brew your own. We recommend the Eight O’Clock Original Coffee K-Cup for your mornings, and let’s be honest, afternoons too. Enjoy hints of sweet and fruity flavors plus with its easy brewing method, you’ll have a cup of coffee in no time.

2 | Post-It Notes are one of the most used office items—and you may use them a lot but forgot to take some home with you. Liven up your new workspace by picking up some Post-It Notes today!

3 | To compliment your new Post-It Notes, writing with new pens will be ideal. The BIC Atlantis Comfort Ballpoint Pens offer a comfortable grip and long-lasting ink. Specifically designed for comfort, you’ll want to use this pen for everything. Enjoy BIC’s sleek and stylish design when you pick up a dozen from FSIoffice!

4 | Print with purpose with Boise Polaris; say that fives fast! Guarantee optimum printer performance in all printers when you use this ultra-smooth and acid-free paper. As the premium paper for color, you can be confident that any document will look pristine and professional from your home printer.

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