The 10 Best Foods for Your Productivity

Food has an amazing ability to influence our moods, emotions, productivity, and many other pivotal functions we carry out each day. Many of the foods that are NOT good for productivity are well known to many such as starchy carbs like potato chips, bread, and crackers because they can cause blood sugar to spike rapidly and then fall sharply.

But what about the foods that actually help us?

When it comes to working all day, there are some foods with great benefits in boosting productivity. Recent trends in the increased consumption of avocados and cauliflower, for example, have been great, and lots of people reap the benefits of Vitamin-B, fiber, and potassium.

By being more aware of food’s effects on you, you can begin to make positive shifts in your diet. Start incorporating these ten (10) foods into your meals and snacking more often. You’ll be healthier at work and begin to see their benefits accumulate across your work life too!

10 Foods - 1-210 Foods - 3-410 Foods - 5-610 Foods - 7-810 Foods - 9-10

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