Professional Development: Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is among social media giants today when it comes to sharing content; more than 575 million people use the social networking platform and about 260 million use it monthly. LinkedIn is also different than the other leading social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in that it boasts professional networking and lead generation opportunities with like-minded and diverse connections.

LinkedIn - 80%According to HubSpot, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn which far outdistances the other Social Media platforms. If you’re not fluent in operating LinkedIn or feel as if posting about your professional success is too boastful, now is the best time for you to get your feet wet! Even if you’re not looking for your next job opportunity, LinkedIn provides several plusses: connections, consuming and sharing industry-related content, and much more.

While it’s true that no one gets a second chance to make a first impression, you can ensure that your digital first impression is always outstanding…but where do you begin?

LinkedIn - 5x

For starters, always include your full name and current job title as part of the headline. This gives those searching for you easy access to basic info and establishes credibility. Those with a listed position increased connection requests by five times.

Next, though it might sound obvious, this tip can often be overlooked for social media use, but it’s especially important on LinkedIn. Having a quality photograph, and preferably a headshot is best when interacting with clients or recruiters.

You might not have professional photography at your disposal, but with the help of a friend or co-worker, you can take a headshot and use editing apps like Photoshop Express to your advantage!

Another one of the first things someone will see on your LinkedIn profile is your profile summary. The ‘About’ section is where someone will first get to know the professional you. Don’t give this section a vague anecdote, rather spend some time and flesh out your strengths and interests.

When completing the About section and job experience details, don’t be afraid to brag a little. If you grew website visits by 20 percent over the previous year, great; include this. If you led a team on securing a big client, include this too! Humble bragging is your friend on LinkedIn and opens the door for other connections to know you better.

The most important thing about listing your experience is using the appropriate keywords so those looking for your skills can easily find them. By adding detail and specifics where needed, you can bulk up your descriptions. Did you know that keyword searches are the most common way to select proper applicants?

LinkedIn - 95% (2)

Ninety-five percent of recruiters use keywords to find the right applicants! For example, in the headline next to your name, “Vice President of Marketing” can become: “VP of Marketing. Revenue Growth in E-Commerce Sales. Strategic Partnerships Leadership.” As long as you keep this under 120 characters, you can greatly elaborate on your title.

Lastly, when upgrading your LinkedIn account, it’s great to consider your certifications. These certifications showcase additional expertise in a particular field or learning opportunity that sets you apart from the crowd.

LinkedIn - 6x

LinkedIn users with certifications were even found to receive six times more profile views than those without certifications. “With ‘Add to Profile,’ professionals will get recognized and discovered based on the certifications that they’ve earned and knowledge gained,” said Dan Shapero, VP of Solutions at LinkedIn.

Certifications can range from mastering Microsoft Office to proficiency in JavaScript or Google Analytics.

Let this be the year you grow digitally and in your career. The good thing is, on LinkedIn, the two can be synonymous. Get connected today!

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