Get a Fresh Start

Happy 2015!! Get a fresh start this year with a new desk! Ok, so not a real new desk, but new accessories that will freshen up your office and make you more productive for the upcoming year.

First up, retire your old pen holder with this new desk organizer from Victor that includes a charging station! Holds any brand of smart phone and charges via USB port. Now you can always know where your phone is, and know that it’s charged.

Pen Holder Charger VCTPH600

Secondly, did you know tape dispensers can wear out? It’s true. The “teeth” on the dispenser dull over time and make it increasing difficult to tear the tape. Freshen up your work space with one of these dispensers to fit any personality!

Tape Combo

Keep important papers at hand and projects organized with the Smead Stadium file. Twelve tiered pockets allow papers to remain in sight, yet out of the way. Plus it’s made with Tyvek to ensure it will stand up to your year.


And lastly, maximize your desk area and encourage proper posture with a monitor riser. Most models have a drawer included to allow paper clips, correction tape, etc. to remain at hand but out of sight for a clutter free desk. We have a full line of models to fit anyone’s preferences and needs.


Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive new year!

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