Get Your Bic On!

We all love the tried and true, classic BIC stic pen-just about every office probably keeps some of these on standby. In fact, when you think BIC, that’s probably what comes to mind first. While we certainly have a lot of love for old faithful, BIC has dozens of other great pens and products that also happen to be a little more exciting. So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite BIC products.

1. Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen (BICVCGC11BK)

BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen

A new favorite of mine, the BIC Atlantis Comfort is a really quality ball point that writes incredibly smooth. It’s a good looking pen with a soft and comfortable grip. Oh and did I mention it’s retractable, and if you’re like me and lose pen caps like it’s your job, this is a must! A high quality pen at a reasonable price, so if you want to be the new office hero, pass out some of these guys…or keep them all to yourself, we won’t judge. J

2. Brite Liner Grip XL (BICBLMGP41ASST)

I couldn’t possibly write this list without highlighters, because they’re just so bright and cheerful and BIC happens to have some of the best out there. The brite liners feature a chisel point marker for broad or fine highlighting. My personal favorites are the XL tank style ones so you can really lay it on there when you need to! RE: CONTRACT DUE MAY 22! And if you love a little color variety, this assorted 4 pack is the perfect pick.

3. Wite-Out Ecolutions Correction Tape (BICWOETP21)

These neat little guys recently made their debut and they certainly created a buzz around our office (granted we are office product nerds). Same great wite out product but in a redesigned and environmentally friendly case. It’s a compact size making it easy to carry and store. I don’t even know if this was intentional, but the side grooves make for an easy to hold grip too!

4. BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Marker (BICGPM11BK)

Everyone needs a go to permanent marker. BIC’s Mark-Its provide a smooth ink flow with long-lasting, vivid color. It may not seem like a high priority, but I’m a sucker for a good pen grip and these make for a very comfortable writing experience.

5. Magic Marker Jumbo Window Marker (BICMWXP11WE)

Last but not least, these may not be an everyday necessity, but they’re too awesome to not make the cut. You can use the Magic Marker on dry erase boards, glass, windows or anywhere else you happen to have some impromptu brainstorming session. They come in varied sizes, but if you haven’t picked up yet, I’m a go big or go home kinda person, so my chart topper is the jumbo size.

Even better news than this list of awesome products, is our current BIC promotion! Now through 4/30/15 when you order $25+ of ANY BIC products, you’ll be entered to win one of three $50 gift cards. Check out our BIC Promotion Details and Get Your BIC On Today!

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