Can’t live without…

When you hear the word “thankful” I bet office supplies don’t come to mind.  But around here we live and breath office supplies, so what supplies are we most thankful for?  Some may surprise you!

#1) The Pen.  That may not sound very exciting or worthy of being a “most thankful for” supply, but imagine your world without it.  We can’t.  Whether it’s the old-school stick pen or a new ergonomically designed pen with a secret highlighter inside, we love them all the same!

#2) Correction Tape.  Think back to when correction fluid first came out.  You thought it was great!  You could cover up your mistake and no one would ever know!  But then you tried to use it, and you discovered it was a gooey mess that left an impossible to write on uneven blob on your page.  Shoot, now your mistake is even MORE noticeable.  Then the most amazing thing happened – correction tape. Now you can precisely cover up a mistake with an even, flat piece of tape that can be easily written on and no one has to know.

#3) Post-it tabs.  Again you say, “not too thrilling”.  But these little guys are amazing! They’re colorful, durable, and easy to write on.  You can use them to label folders, and then reuse the folder, or flag important papers in a file for easy searching.  We literally use them EVERY day.

And there you have it.  The Top 3 office supplies we are most thankful for from the people who know office supplies.  Please comment and let us know what office supply you can’t live without either.


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