Viva la Paper Clip

This basic office supply is often under sold due to its tiny stature and cheap appearance. Though it may not strike you as something of great value and we certainly don’t see it as something to make much money off of, the versatility should not be overlooked. Truth be told, the trusty paper clip will likely outlast us all. It was first patented in 1867 and has been a staple item of just about every desk ever since. Though you likely think of a paper clip only for its intended use, most of us have probably used it in many other capacities. To pay tribute to one of the many office supply greats, here are 25 creative uses for the good ole paper clip.

1. hair clip
2. use to unclog a bottle
3. earrings
4. book mark
5. use to clean the cracks in your desk (you will likely be appalled at the dirt/dust/nastiness found here)
6. zipper tab
7. CD drive ejector
8. chain link
9. unlock doors in your home
10. twist tie (has to be untwisted first)
11. jewelry (not that I recommend this from a style perspective)
12. Christmas tree ornament hangers
13. temporary eye glass repair

15. finger nail cleaner
16. key chain
17. punch holes
18. makeshift fishing hook
19. skis for a mouse (ok not really)
20. untwist and bend into letters or shapes for fun
21. wire clip
22. weight for paper airplanes
23. use to clean your keyboard
24. keep static off of a dress or skirt (clip to the inside hem or lining…the tiny bit of metal reduces static)
25. click tiny electronic reset buttons

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