FSI Highlight: Anthony Martin

This week we’re taking a trip up the road to our Greensboro branch to introduce you to one of our incredibly talented customer service representatives.  Anthony Martin has only been with FSI for two years but has quickly become part of the FSI family.  He says he considers the great relationship he has with his coworkers to be the best part of his job.

“It’s not often you find people who genuinely care about their job. I have learned so much from everyone and have made relationships that will last a long time.”

These same people can also be a source of some serious entertainment.  When I asked Anthony if he has any particularly funny memories from working here, he responded, “Can I just say Rhonda Fowler is my funny memory.”  If you’ve ever met Rhonda, you know that’s a very legitimate answer.

Anthony has two sons, 13 year old Styles, and Dallas, who is 11.  In addition to his job at FSI, Anthony is a full time shuttle service for his boys to and from soccer, basketball and volleyball. “When I do get free time, I like to come home to Charlotte and play tennis and golf. I’m decent at tennis, not so much at golf.” He also writes a little poetry from time to time.

When it comes to vacationing, Anthony enjoys the beach. “The waves can just take all my problems away.  There’s something about the ocean that puts life in perspective for me.  My dream vacation would have to be Israel, not today though because they’re dropping rockets over there right now. But it would be cool to walk where Jesus walked.”

Anthony says his favorite food is a well cooked steak.  A few of his favorites are Lucky 32s in Greensboro and the Rathskeller from his time in Chapel Hill.  He also mentioned a few of his favorite movies, “My favorite comedy is Coming to America with Friday being a very close second.  My love story movie is Love Jones but it could be Mo Better Blues.  Suspense movie is Usual Suspects.  Favorite action is the first Matrix.  But, I will drop whatever I’m doing for the last 20 minutes of Rudy!”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Anthony a bit better, here is an excellent, closing piece of advice he shared,

“My great grandmother told me one day, ‘When you know who you are, no one else can define you.’”

-Emily Leazer
Marketing and Philanthropic Coordinator, FSIoffice

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