The Workplace After COVID-19: Our Guide to the Inevitable

Working through this era of self-isolation has made it clear that working from home, when necessary, can be convenient and productive. As we begin to reopen and more people return to their offices, we wonder what the new working from home normal will be like. After all, this has been the rhythm for over two months now.

FSIoffice began a phased approach of office employees to return our facility on May 11 on an A/B day schedule, allowing for safe interaction and social distancing. Those returning to the office in phase one are screened with questions daily, have their temperatures taken, and provided masks to wear all day.

Although some in the country are eager for their employees to return to the office, some companies may jump on the opportunity to keep employees working remotely for the near-term. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 77 percent of the workforce wants to continue remote working after the COVID-19 crisis, at least part-time. That could dramatically shift the workforce and company spending.

Maybe COVID-19 was the push the American workforce felt heavy enough to make big changes in its working rhythms. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics believes so, estimating that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days per week by December 2021. The demand for flexibility is high, and setting up an office space in your home offers that.

What We’re Doing About It

For some businesses personal interaction is crucial; at FSI our sales force relies on face-to-face interaction. But for other companies, working from home just two days a week can save millions of dollars per year. Lister and her team found that a typical employer can save almost $11,000 each year per person that works remotely half of the time. The impact of these possibilities could be huge.

WFH Program Blog Image

We have created our first ever Work From Home Program allowing customers to bundle supply needs or to order employees a custom home office set up at a competitive price. We’re hoping this program can provide you an organized way to maximize you or your employees’ at-home working experience with a way to get them set up and regularly re-supply them with what they need to be productive.

Each business is different and will have to weigh the costs and consider the demands. But if anything has been learned about working during the Stay-at-Home order, it’s that just because we aren’t in the office doesn’t mean we can’t work.

FSI employees look forward to returning to the office, being with each other, and meeting with our wonderful customers soon. But we, along with everyone else, will have to adapt to the changing times. With the creation and access of FSIatHome in March, we are taking proactive steps to provide at-home workplace solutions.

No matter what the next few months bring for you and your business, we’ll be ready to serve your office needs whether you are at home or in the office. Each of us will be stronger on the other side of this pandemic.

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