When Your Home Office is Missing That Final Touch

If you are like most of the country your “home office” started out as a thrown together workspace for completing various personal tasks, and not well suited for months of “at-home” work. Now that you have had a little time to get your work-from-home act together you may be thinking that your new and improved home office might need that one final addition to make it perfect.

And, even if you are not quite there yet, you’re in luck because today we’ll walk through several must-haves for your at-home workplace.

1 | No one likes to be uncomfortable while working either at home or at the office. An adjustable monitor stand such as the 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand can help you work more comfortably by giving you the ability to raise your monitor up to 5 ½ inches.

The optimal line of sight should be the top of your screen to keep correct posture, but if you don’t need its full height feel free to adjust the stand in 1.25-inch increments.

2 | If you need to shred old personal documents or current sensitive work documents at home, the Fellowes AutoMax 100M Feed Shredder is perfect for you. This shredder produces shreds six times smaller than conventional cross-cut shredders while holding 80 percent more paper per gallon than its competition.

Cut down on your old bills, statements, or confidential work records with this Fellowes shredder. It’s so quiet you won’t even disturb anyone else in your home!


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3 | Now is the perfect time to upgrade your monitor with a Viewsonic monitor! If you’re like us, you’re logging long days in your home office and the last thing you need is eyestrain. This Viewsonic Full HD LED LCD Monitor offers 1080 resolution providing stunning clarity and blue light filter cutting down eyestrain for exceptional comfort and quality.

Order two and use it in a dual monitor set up, or plug in your laptop without sacrificing the high-definition experience you want and need.

4 | Think about the floors in your office and preserve them with the easy-glide rolling surface of the Deflecto Economat for Carpet. Designed for low-pile carpet, this mat protects against floor wear over time while allowing you to slide around your office space while seated.

Deflecto’s line of floor mats is made with their “Free and Clear” vinyl formula that contributes to healthier indoor air.

If you make the decision to purchase from us now, you can enjoy your products at great savings for you and your household. We’re here to make your working solutions easier; happy shopping, folks!

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