Employee Engagement: Holiday Edition

Christmas is right around the corner! That means family, friends, new memories, and perhaps snow. But before the celebration and fun, there is work to do and deadlines to manage.

We have a little over two weeks until Christmas and plenty of time to plan some events focused on employee engagement. Whether you work in an office setting, warehouse, or restaurant, the holidays offer a valuable opportunity to enjoy your co-workers.

We believe there are several great ways to engage your employees this holiday season. See for yourself!

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Your employees work hard and deserve to be recognized. Showing thanks is a great and natural way to incorporate positive affirmation into your team’s life. Research shows that employees perform better when they receive verbal affirmation from leaders. Make a difference in your co-workers’ lives and let them know that you are thankful for them!

Invite your team to a hot chocolate break and use the time to give them some encouragement and verbal praise, or take some time to craft personalized holiday thank you notes. All you need are thank you cards, your favorite pens, some thoughtful words of encouragement, and a festive spirit.

You can even go a step further and reward your team with a more flexible working schedule as responsibilities in your employees’ personal lives ramp up. Flexible scheduling offers a satisfying alternative and 78% of flexible workers even said they were more productive.

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Now that you have shown some appreciation, it’s time to give back! Contribute to your local community this season; partner with a local food drive, collect winter coats or even participate with your favorite charity.

In November, FSIoffice fundraised for Movember for men’s health, and in December, FSIoffice partnered with Soldiers’ Angels to share a little Christmas joy with our troops and veterans. FSIoffice personnel recently stuffed stockings for the non-profit organization, which allowed employee bonding and successful charitable work.

Your company can have a great influence in your community. Others will benefit and you will be providing an act of service to someone in need!

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Nothing brings people together like a little food and competition. Here at FSIoffice, we bring out the costumes at Halloween, food at Thanksgiving, and the ugly sweaters at Christmas! You can organize a cookie bake-off or invite your team members to a company covered dish lunch. Polling website Polly found that employee communication is vital for company culture and productivity, so talk it up, post flyers, and include information in your employee newsletter.

There’s enough stress throughout December; make sure your employees are having fun with these events!

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There is a lot to say about today’s workforce and the habits of newer-generation employees. One of those is a dress code. As you bring more millennials and younger employees on board, highly formal dress codes might limit company productivity. Sixty-one percent of employees were found to be more productive when a relaxed dress code was company policy. What a great way to build excitement towards the holidays and time off, and reward your employees’ hard work!

Winter is also a popular time of year for warm and comfortable outfits such as flannel shirts, fuzzy socks, and big jackets. So, break out the flannel shirts, jeans, and Santa hats because your employees are likely to bump their productivity levels.

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Workplace engagement is important and meaningful to a lot of people. When the holidays arrive, your co-workers can become like family. Enjoy it this year with your work family and include these engaging ideas!

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