Begin Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution Journal



Have you thought about how you will stay true to your 2017 New Year’s Resolution? 2017 is only days away and you have to contemplate in your mind what your New Year’s Resolution will be.¬†After all the excitement of ringing in a new year, resolution lasts typically 30 to 60 days. People stop using their gym memberships, continue to spend over budget and lose sight on spending more time with family. To prevent falling within that 60% of failed resolution statistic, try maintaining a journal.

We all know the saying “old habits die hard” holds some truth. So with that said find a journal that fits your personality so you are more eager and willing to keep your resolution throughout the year.

In your journal, log your New Year’s Resolution goals and take each step one day at a time. Having a journal will keep you more accountable and on track. When you start seeing success, you will be filled with positive emotions that will reinforce your determination to keep going.

Good luck and happy journaling! 

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