Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office!

Don’t be labeled as the bad gift giver or Scrooge. We understand how difficult it is to select gifts for your diverse office.  That is why we have created the perfect list for sure to spread a flurry of Christmas cheer for everyone this holiday season! 


The Safe Option: Baby, it may be cold outside, but the ambiance in the office doesn’t have to be. There is always that group of employees in the office that leaves you stumped. To keep Santa from hearing them pout,  Gift baskets are a fun way to celebrate the holidays and it can include practical items that they will absolutely use and enjoy. Spread some hot-cocoa cheer with white fluffy marshmallows with this gift basket that you can personalize with your company logo!

Click here to check out more gift baskets!


For the Chocolate, Cookies and Cocoa Lovers: Put the twinkle in their eyes and the jingle-bell rock in their socks  with these sweet treats! Chocolate lovers aren’t likely to say, ‘No’ when you give them their favorite treat! Especially when they have multiple sweet options in this gorgeous and stylish Executive Christmas Food Gift Box with bakery items and chocolate covered pretzels. We offer many options when it comes to chocolate. Don’t be shy; go ahead and order extra for yourself for the holidays. We promise we won’t tell anyone.




Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares


For the “Big Kids” in the Office: Bring joy to the office with card games and ‘reindeer‘ games!   Afterall, Christmas brings out the kid in us all. Holidays are all about spending time with family and what better way to do that than playing games? UNO! Haha! Now you have to draw four cards!


MTT 42003

HR_LGCSI00 Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Sethoreshoe-set



You will for sure have a ‘Silent Night‘ after using our gift guide.  Sometimes the magic of Christmas is found in the simple things. We want to wish you, and your employees, a magical and delightful Christmas! Happy Gift Giving!

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