Teacher of the Week is BACK!

TOW Banner-Nominate only-Aug 10th

Do you know a deserving teacher in your community? 

We have partnered with the Carolina Panthers to honor and recognize outstanding educators in our region. Each week, from the start of the regular season through the Panthers Dec. 11th game, a teacher who makes a difference in the lives of our young people will be honored. Participate by voting each week from the list of nominees. 

All nominees will receive a gift pack (limit 1 per teacher). Weekly winners will receive a gift basket full of classroom supplies and tickets to the Panthers Dec. 11th home game. Winners will be posted on fsioffice.com/tow and recognized, with the Teacher of the Year, at the game. 

Join us in saying, “Thank You” to exceptional educators.

Nominations start on Aug. 10th!


Check out our new Teacher of the Week photo gallery!

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