Coloring Calendars Are HERE!

Adult Coloring Calendar-with colored pencils

COLOR ME CRAZY! Grab your colored-pencils, it’s time to get creative! There is nothing like coloring calendars on the market!! Each month has unique beautiful designs for coloring AND a space to jot down your thoughts for the day, make lists or an important note. Stay organized with this soon-to-be colorful monthly desk pad. Color your way to 2017 and show your office you have artistic ability!

Academic year calendar, 22 x 17, Aug-July. Edition year: 2016-2017.


  • Reinforced chipboard backer and corners
  • One month on each sheet, one block per day
  • Tear-off sheets and bound at top and perforated
  • Yearly calendar at the bottom of each sheet

Blueline logo

August 2016-July 2017: REDCA2917311

January 2017-December 2017: REDC2917311

Click here to browse colored pencils!



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