9 Life Changing Binder Clip Uses

Have you seen ideas that are so simple, yet ingenious? Do you say to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Get ready to ask yourself that same question again. We have put together a list of 9 amazing uses for binder clips. These aren’t just office oriented, but ideas you can use around your home as well. Grab your binder clips and let’s start binding, clipping, hanging….well you get the idea. Enjoy! 

#7 Clip your food bags (1)

Are you tired of constantly re-positioning your beach towel every time the wind blows or your towel just doesn’t stay put? Well, don’t blow hot air anymore. Use binder clips to clip your towel  and hat to the top and around your lounge chair. This is so simple even your children can do it. Now you can freely enjoy getting up from your chair without worrying about your beach towel blowing away or falling down. R&R never felt better!


If your planning a special party and want to put a homemade touch to your decor, try making a banner. After you have cut out your design, use binder clips to assemble it together. No sticky or messy glue necessary. Simply clip your paper design onto fun decorative ribbon or rope. The celebrity of the party will surely be thankful for all the thought you put into the decor for their celebration.


There is nothing more frustrating than your keyboard feet being broken! Boy, do we have a solution for you! Insert small size binder clips into the same area as the feet. Voila! Now, your keyboard is propped up like new. We warned you, these would be simple yet ingenious!


Be resourceful and use binder clips for a company meeting. Place the binder clip on its flat surface, insert your card between the wire arms and you now have a practical table center piece or name card holder.

#7 Clip your food bags (2)

Scissors are sharp which is why we hide them from small children, but most of the time they somehow find them anyway. Here is a safety tip that will keep your kids safe from sharp, pointy scissors. Open the binder clip, insert the pointy part of the scissors into the clip and close and lock the binder clip. Now even if your kids find the scissors in your hiding place, they can’t open it.

#7 Clip your food bags (3)

There isn’t anything cooler than having your mobile device propped up on your desk or counter. By using a large and medium size binder clip, you can create the best prop for your mobile device. With this binder clip prop you can watch your videos at a comfortable angle and keep it away from spillage. Use colored binder clips to make your prop even more fun!

#7 Clip your food bags

Are you tired of all your cheap plastic chip clips breaking and not staying in place? Then use secure binder clips to keep your food fresh longer. Stock all size binder clips for any food size container jobs. With the extreme tight mechanism that binder clips have, the clips stay in place easier. Each clip is made with a corrosion-resistant coating for durability so you never have to worry about replacing them. Don’t just stop at clipping your chip bag, binder clips are so versatile that you can use them in your freezer! 


It’s always hard to try to find a perfect place for your razor when you’re packing. Protect you and your blades with a binder clip. Use a large binder clip to cover the tip of your razor while you are traveling. You won’t have to worry about cutting your fingers when your digging around your suitcase for your razor anymore! 


Do you have so many cords laying on your floor behind your desk or table? Use binder clips to help you organize your cords and keep them at arms reach. All you have to do is open the binder clip, clip it to the side of the desk and thread your cord through the eye of the wire arms. Just that simple! Next time when you need to charge your devices all your cords are conveniently placed and organized.

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