Top 10 Desk Accessories!

1. Incredibly Fun 3M Tape DispensersYour coworkers will be stopping by your desk to pet your dog or smell your flower tape dispensers! Be the coool cat in the office by displaying your personality on your desk!

Flower Tap Disp. MMMC37FLOWERR

Dog Tape disp.MMMC31DOG

Cat tape disp.MMMC39KITTYW

Cosmo tape disp.MMMC33COSMO

panther helmet tape disp MMMC32HELMETCAR

All NFL teams are available

2. Diamond, Cat, Golf & Jax Pop-up Notes Dispenser Did you put a ring on it? Meaning, your desk! Add some “bling bling” with the shiny Diamond Pop-up notes dispenser. Not ready to commit, add a flash of color with the awesome Jax Pop-Up notes dispenser instead!

Clear diamond note disp. MMMDIA330  pink diamond note disp MMMDIA330R

cat note disp. MMMCAT330

golf club note disp MMMGOLF330

jax white note dispjax yellow note dispjax purple note disp.

White- MMMJAX330      Green- MMMJAX330GR       Purple-MMMJAX330pp

3. Purell PalPair up with this guy in fighting those nasty office germs. He loves Purell so much that he hugs the bottle all day every day!! No need to use your vacation days being sick when you have the Purell Pal keeping you germ FREE!

  Purell PalGOJ9600PL1

4. Fun Design Clear Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rests– Your computer mouse wants to roll in style, too! Dress up your desk with these fashionable coral and plaid mouse pads and wrist rests! You are sure to approach your computer with excitement!

Mouse Pad Wrist Rests

coral gel mouse pad                    plaid gel mouse pad 

MMMMW308CL                                                                       MMMMW308PL

Wrist Rests

coral wrist rest  plaid wrist rest

Coral-MMMWR308CL                          Plaid-MMMWR308PL

Mouse Pads

coral flat mouse pad   plaid flat mouse pad

Coral- MMMMP114CL                                      Plaid- MMMMP114PL

Or swim to your desk with the ocean themed mouse pad!

Fellowes logo

leaves mouse pad  ocean mouse pad

        Leaves- FEL5903801                                   Ocean- FEL5903901

5. Candy Tubs– Make your tongue do the happy dance as you take on the day with sweet treats at your reach! Sugar free candies available!
office Snax logoOffice Snax candy tub


6. Brightly Colored Plastibands– These amazing bands are stronger than traditional rubber bands and are 70% recycled material! Go Green or Pink or Blue or Yellow…..aaahhh you choose!! Plastibands are latex-FREE and won’t deteriorate or discolor!!

Baumgarten's logo

plastibands boxplastibands1


7. Photo Frame & Note Dispensers! Show off your family, pet, or hobby with these classy frame note dispensers. It will make your desk feel more like home and be sure to make you smile everytime you grab a Post-It.

3M Post-It Pop-up 3M logo


8. NEW! B2P Bottle-2-Pen Recycled Gel Roller Pens– Have you ever wondered what gets made from your recycled plastic bottles? Well, wonder no more! The world’s FIRST pens made from recycled bottles are here! Sorry, water not included!

B2P logo B2P pens PIL36620

9. Sparco Storage Organizers– Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you should quit playing with building blocks. Build and organize with translucent Sparco storage organizers! Quickly find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds!

Sparco logo

SPR 82977 SPR 82978

SPR82977                                                                                        SPR82978

SPR 82979                       SPR 82980

SPR82979                                                                             SPR82980

10. Vector Smart Charge Pencil Cup w/ USB Hub– Are you charged? Don’t leave your desk to find and extra outlet to charge your phone and babysit it for hours! This charging station is a perfect fit for your desk. All smart phones are welcome to rest in the USB Hub!

Victor Logo

USB Hub    USB Hub2


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