Deskercise While You Work


Feeling tired, sluggish or a bit stiff after sitting at your desk for 8 hours? Try some of these light desk exercises throughout the day and watch your mentality, physicality, performance and productivity increase!

1. Toe taps:
– While sitting at your desk, tap your toes repeatedly for as long as you can without getting a cramp.

2. Twists:
– While sitting in your chair, twist from side to side while reaching for the opposite knee.

3. Scissors:
– While seated, lift your legs until they are straight and off the ground. Cross your right foot over your left foot then switch. Repeat this motion 50 times.

4. Leg Curls:
– While seated, Squeeze your legs together and bend your knees if they are not already bent. Lift your knees up towards your chest as far as you can.

5. Backwards Kicks :
– Stand up beside your chair with both feet on the ground. Kick one leg backwards lifting it 6-8 inches off the ground. Don’t forget to switch legs.

6. Rolling Push-Ups
– This is a fun one. While sitting in your rolling chair push yourself away from the desk while holding on to it. Once your arms are fully extended pull yourself back in to the desk.

7. Air Punches:
– This activity you can do either sitting or standing. It is as simple as punching the air to the right side and to the left side. Make sure to watch out for your co-workers though, we don’t want anyone to actually get smacked in the head!

8. Chair Squats:
– This activity is just as it sounds. Standing right in front of your chair, if it is low enough, squat down until you are almost touching the seat and then rise back up. Do this a total of 15 times to work those legs and abs.

9. Small Arm Circles:
– With your arms out to the side, move them in a small circular motion for. Reverse the direction of the circles and complete the same number.

10. Squeezes:
– At the same time squeeze both your abdominal muscles and butt muscles for a count of 20. Release and continue doing until you feel tighter!

And there’s also new office furniture that helps you exercise all day.  Check out this new Zenergy ball chair from Safco!

Happy deskercising!


~Gretchen Huffer, FSIoffice

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