It’s Grow Time

FSIoffice Mustache Photo Booth
FSIoffice Mustache Photo Booth

Have you noticed a surge in people sporting mustaches lately?  Wonder what’s going on?  Well, November is national prostate/testicular cancer awareness month and has officially been nicknamed “Movember”. During “Movember” men (or women if you would like …we aren’t discriminatory) are asked to consider signing up on the Movember website, or at least growing a mustache (or wearing a fake one ladies)  to support the awareness of these terrible cancers. 

In 2013 the National Cancer Institute expects there to be 246,510 men diagnosed with one of these 2 cancers and 30,090 who will pass away due to the results of the cancer.

We need  to call more attention to the month of November, so…what are we going to do about it?

Well, if you do not currently have a mustache try to grow one and tell everyone why you are growing it.  If you already have a beard, shave it back to just a mustache.  If you currently have a mustache… do something different with it that calls attention to it.

Here is the website if you are interested in signing up.

Happy growing and have a great Movember!

~Macey Thomas
ECommerce/Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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