FSI Highlight: Jeanine Deutsch


This time, our FSI highlight focuses on Jeanine Deutsch out of our Charlotte office.  Jeanine’s “official” title is Information Products Consultant, but she also wears a wide variety of other hats around here.  For example, she is responsible for helping to maintain accounts for our CEO, Jimmy Godwin, assisting the E-Commerce Dept with webinars to help train new customers on how to use our website, sales support for major Information Products like HP, Brother, Pantum, IBM (Turbon Group), and more.   She helps facilitate major Consumer Shows with our sales reps and other Specialists, and her most recent addition to the tasks above would be facilitating the NEW area of COMPUTER SALES! 

Jeanine has worked at FSI for a little over 12 years, and still remembers her exact start date, June 18th 2001, and said that coming to work for FSI was a “life changing decision I made in my life”.  With all the different areas that she covers, Jeanine rarely ever has a “typical” day at FSI.  “But”, she says, “the majority of my days look something like this:  Emails, phone calls, machine quotes, walking someone through the internet ordering system, a webinar, creating spread sheets to quote toner usage, meetings and of course, my favorite part of any day and the reason I still come to work each morning, would be helping someone so that the fear, anger, or discontent in the persons voice just disappears”. 

Some behind the scenes facts about Jeanine are that she grew up in the coal mine region of Pennsylvania in a town called Summit Hill and moved to Charlotte after college to seek job opportunities.  She has a BA in Art and received her Elementary Education degree in 1996.  She married David Deutsch on November 25th, 2006, and she says that “Next to accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior in 1997, it was the best thing I have ever done!”  Together they have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Zoe and live in Harrisburg, NC with their 5 years old chocolate toy poodle, Nica. 

In her spare time, although these days she doesn’t have a lot of that, she loves to spend time with her family and friends.  “In particular, I love to have people over to my house.  I enjoy cooking and baking and doing things for others.”   When asked what her favorite food it, she said, “Food is my passion, so it is hard to narrow my savory pallet to one type of food.  I’ve tried almost anything and if I have not tried it, I will, just as long as it does not contain walnuts or okra.  Other than that, I’m game!”  Just recently she journeyed into the vegan world, so she’s having fun being creative and exploring new recipes.  “I can’t believe the number of dished you can make RAW!”

Her favorite memory at FSI actually happened on her first day. She was being introduced to everyone and Kathy Morton (a CSR here in Charlotte) asked, “Who is this beautiful woman and do I get to work with her?”  Jeanine said, “In all my life, I had never had someone say something so kind and loving to me who didn’t know me.  After my last work experience this comment LITERALLY gave me the power to release the demons of depression and low self-esteem from my life!  I KNEW I was right where God needed and wanted me to be.  I knew I would be loved here and I could love this job. The rest is just history from there.”

Today’s wild card question was “who would you like to trade place with for one day?”  Jeanine choice was Mother Teresa.  “I wonder how it would feel to work with so many people who have leprosy and deadly diseases and never get them.  And the feeling of worth that must come with the service she did would be nothing this world could comprehend.” 

And just like a Saint, Jeanine said, “And if I won the lottery, I would buy truly needy people the things they need.  A car for a particular friend, pay off medical bills for another friend, build a home for my mother-in-law, stock all the food pantries in Charlotte and surrounding areas, send money to particular missionaries, adopt a few children and build on to my house so they could live with us, and last but not least, fix my husband’s 1998 Ford Ranger that he loves and will never part with.” Of course she also said that she would splurge a little and buy a few Coach purses, clothes, shoes and real diamond earring for herself.  You can’t blame a girl for that!

~Macey Thomas
ECommerce/Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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