Ode to the Sharpie


Sharpie Family

The Sharpie.  The single most versatile office supply there is (other than duct tape).  It’s been around since 1964, but lately it has reached whole new levels of popularity.  Sharpie keeps coming out with new markers and colors that help people express their personal style.  Here are some amazing things you can do with these markers:

Home Decorations

Sharpie Ceiling Fans

Can you believe these fans were decorated using Sharpies?  What a great way to bring character to a room without spending a lot of money!


Make your own set of custom dinnerware and drinkware

Sharpie Mug 2

These can make great gifts too!

 sharpie kids plate

This is also a great craft for kids



Sharpie Shoe

To some, a pair of Converse All-Stars is just a blank canvas waiting to be painted!


Detail your car

Sharpie Car

If you have the time, Sharpie has the marker to let you.




With the new metallic line, you can really do some amazing things.


And don’t even get me started on holiday ideas, but here are 3 quick ones for Easter, Halloween and Christmas:

Sharpie Easter Eggs  

sharpie halloween 

   sharpie christmas


~Macey Thomas
ECommerce/Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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