FSI Highlight: D’Juan Hickes


This week, our FSI highlight takes us to the Furniture department where we’ll meet D’Juan Hickes. D’Juan has worked at FSI for 24 years, but she has worked in her current role as Administrator of Sales in the Furniture Division for the past 12 years. Some of you may have spoken to her before, as she previously worked in our Customer Service department.

D’Juan is originally from Charlotte, has been married for 23 ½ years, and has 2 sons that keep her busy. “Both of my boys play baseball, so watching baseball has become one of my favorite pastimes”. Her family also includes 2 dogs: Carmel – a Cocker Spaniel, and Riley – a “Foxador”. Not quite sure what that is? Don’t feel bad, I had to ask too. It is a mix between a Fox Terrier and a Labrador.

There really isn’t a “typical” day for D’Juan at work. Her position requires her to switch gears at the drop of a hat, and covers a full spectrum of duties. She plans our sales meeting, manager’s meetings, corporate lunches, makes hotel reservations for our sales reps and furniture installers, tracks furniture sales and promotions, and everything in between! Her favorite part of her job is “the interaction with many different people, both within FSI and outside of the company”.

When asked what her favorite FSI memory is, D’Juan said that is was when FSI moved building locations several years ago. “We had to do it over Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone pulled together and we completely moved thousands of office supplies/furniture from the old warehouse to the new one in record time”.
D’Juan’s favorite food is anything Italian! Her “best day ever” was being invited to go see “Grease” in the theater when it came out with her older sister and her friends. “Grease” is still her all-time favorite movie with “The Sound of Music” as a close 2nd.

The wild card of the week, was “if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?’ D’Juan said that she would love to go back to Paris, France. She said, “the architecture of the city was beautiful, and contrary to what you often hear, the people were very friendly”. That just goes to show that you can’t always believe what you hear. A good lesson for all of us.

-Macey Thomas
Ecommerce/Administrative Sales Assistant, FSIoffice

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