FSI Highlight: Stefanie Hart

This week, our FSI highlight takes us to the purchasing department, where Stefanie Hart has been one of our Purchasing Agent Wholesale Buyers for almost two years. Stefanie is originally from Binghamton, NY where she attended Broome Community College. Since moving down here, she is continuing her education in business at Central Piedmont Community College. Our purchasing agents aren’t often seen by customers, but they play a crucial role in providing the best products for our customers at great prices.

“A typical day for me is finding the best cost on items thrown my way, getting the items purchased and getting them in here ASAP to ship to the customers in a timely fashion. Some are easy and some are not so easy. I have to try and think outside of the box.”

Stefanie says one of the best parts of her job is helping the CSRs come through for their customers. One of her more entertaining memories from working here involved the making of our recent breast cancer awareness video. Believe it or not, we’re not all professional dancers around here, and the rehearsal was very comical.

When she’s not working, Stefanie is quite the hostess. She enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining friends and family. Her favorite foods include pizza, mashed potatoes, cheese and bread and butter. Is that making anyone else hungry? She also enjoys traveling to the beach and the mountains. She recently celebrated her one year anniversary in the mountains; a great time of year for that with the changing leaves and crisp autumn air. Aside from the typical vacations, Stefanie mentioned that she has always wanted to go to Ireland.

Stefanie has three pets that also keep her busy; two beagles, Henry and Franklin, who is a puppy, and a gray tabby named Martha. Her favorite movie is Sixteen Candles, and she loves all the brat pack 80s flicks. She even admits to being a reality TV junkie. These days who isn’t? Stefanie’s favorite restaurant is Brixx, where her and her husband have their date night every Friday.

The wild card of the week was who would you trade places with for one day if you could?

“My little cousin Livy. She is five years old with huge, blue eyes, pale, white skin with the cutest few freckles on her cheeks and reddish-brown, curly hair. She is extremely smart and witty for her age. The things she says are unbelievable. Not a care in the world other than what color mermaid she is going to paint with water color paint for her mommy. I adore her.”
Stefanie offered some great words she lives by.

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is the present. That’s just what life is, a gift.”

-Emily Leazer

Marketing and Philanthropic Coordinator, FSIoffice

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