FSI Highlight: Chris Magee

Our highlight for the week is second generation employee, Chris Magee.  Chris’ father, Mike has been a sales rep at FSI for many years, and we were happy to have Chris join the advertising team four years ago.  After graduating from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Graphic Design, Chris started with FSI as a graphic designer.  He is responsible for many of the marketing pieces we put out including web advertising, flyers, catalogs and filming.  Chris recalls one of his more entertaining moments of working here as when he had to film a coworker dressed in a gorilla costume for a company video.  How I’ve managed to not see that video yet is beyond me.

Outside of the office, Chris enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee and golf and some might even consider him an amateur watch collector.  Chris is also quite a music fan and claims Mumford & Sons as his favorite band.  He said one of the best concerts he’s been to was Jimmy Eat World.

When it comes to cuisine, Chris’ two favorite restaurants in Charlotte are Cabo Fish Taco and Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen.  Both are worth a try if you ask him.  Chris also enjoys travelling and recently visited Austin, TX for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The city is well known for its appeal to young professionals and its vibrant music and nightlife scene.  He also mentioned that one trip he’d love to take would be to see the Northern Lights.

For this week’s wild card question, I asked Chris where he would go if he had a time machine.  His responses were quite entertaining. 

“Time and space? Or just time? If it were time and space, I’d visit Galifrey.  If it were just time, I’d go back to when I was born and high five my parents.” I’m sure they would have appreciated that.  If you don’t know what Galifrey is, don’t feel bad, I Googled it.  Gallifrey is a fictional planet from the British series Doctor Who.  It looks like we’ve got a Sci Fi fan on our hands.

And of course, I couldn’t close without asking for a few words of life wisdom.

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things. But, vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things, or make them unimportant.”

Emily Leazer

Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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