How to Stay Connected with Your Customers Online

Like in ‘normal’ times, connecting with your customers is vital. But with the continuation of work from home protocols at many companies, employees are still spending the work day intertwined with their personal lives. With kids learning virtually and temporary home offices becoming permanent, connecting with customers for longer periods can be difficult, especially one year into the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying connected to both your co-workers and customers is important, but in this continued season, it’s often made more difficult. Finding ways to do so is valuable and can boost your morale. Remain personal with your customers by being helpful and engaging with the online tools at your disposal. Follow along with these tips for more understanding.

Be Personal

At the end of the day, your customers are people. People communicate with, persuade, and buy products from other people. Ask the customer on the other end of the call or meeting how they are continuing to cope and find energy. Consider a virtual training seminar with sales representatives, customer service employees and any management that regularly interfaces with customers on the importance of being professional and personable. Just don’t forget to continually share in your humanity with those you communicate with during work!

More than 33 percent of consumers desire personalization in their experiences with companies. Reaching them on a more emotional level is a good way to ensure they hear you and trust you.

Utilize Video

Whether your business provides a service or sells goods, video can work to your advantage. Posting videos to your social media channels and website is a good way to ensure your message sticks with your audience. In a 2019 report, Wyzowl found that 84 percent of people say they were convinced to purchase a product or service after watching that brand’s video. Plus, viewers claim they retain 95 percent of a brand’s message when watching a video.

Videos don’t need to be flashy and have lots of professional edits to communicate your message; they can be simple messages that convey all of your points in a quick, easy manner. So share your company’s story, dive deeper into a service, or remind your customers about what sets you apart from the competition despite the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of the day, communication is more important than creativity when appealing to your audience.

Email Marketing and Social Media

Sending timely, relevant and thoughtful marketing emails to the right people can create digital success for your business. Consumers spent 44 percent more money online in 2020 than in 2019 at $861.12 billion, and email marketing can be a window into your inventory. Buying habits changed last year and landing in your customers’ inboxes is a surefire way to stay relevant. In fact, according to a 2020 finding by eMarketer, 59.4 percent of American adults are more inclined to purchase a product mentioned in a marketing email similar to their purchase history, proving the importance of relevancy. Work your email lists, but don’t send too often!

Social media content is another way to stay connected with your customers. As people spend more time online, it’s important to meet them where they are. Get to know your audience more and the type of content they like, and then begin creating relevant, fun, and informational posts. Live videos also have the opportunity to build brand awareness and interactions.

Regardless of your line of business, staying engaged with your customers in the continued time of working from home is important not only for your bottom line, but for the company’s reputation. So do what you can to craft messages your customers will enjoy and share, and meet them where they are—online.

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