Bankers Box: The Best Organization Solution for Your Workplace

The phrase “out with the old, in with the new” can apply to your storage and organization as we move into the New Year. With 2021’s arrival looming, there are things each person can do to ensure that goals are met and organization is maintained. Maintaining boundaries and limiting distractions are important, but storing your documents and separating work from personal life is critical.

Bankers Box has a simple, yet popular, solution to meet your organization and storage needs. Their recycled and sturdy storage boxes stand out among the competition, designed for basic and heavy-duty usage, quick assembly, and stacking. Organization is a hot topic this time of year, so let’s look at several different storage options suited for your needs!

Storage Box Solutions

1 | The STOR/FILE Basic-Duty Storage Box holds up to 450 lbs. of stacking weight and is great for uncluttering multiple work spaces, ensuring your important letter and legal sized documents remain secure. Use for your home office or occupy an unused area in your office building for records storage.

One reviewer wrote, “What’s great about this product is, that the boxes do not bend when stacked up on top of each other.”

2 | For instant assembly and easy transportation, look to the Presto File Storage Box. Like the STOR/FILE Storage Box, this solution has a Lift-Off lid to keep contents secure, but instantly transforms from flat to finished in just under three seconds, saving you valuable time. Just push the corners together and the box is ready for use! With double wall and bottom design, this heavy-duty stacking option holds up to 800 lbs. of stacking weight and is perfect for frequent file retrieval.

Our next reviewer wrote: “I am a small nonprofit worker dealing with a few staff and volunteers, and these boxes are essential for cutting down on time, effort, and confusion. I literally would not want to work without them or chaos would ensue!”

3 | For the sliding drawer alternative, save storage space with the STOR/DRAWER Steel Plus Storage Box. With a steel support and heavy wire frame, this box’s strength and durability are top-notch. The previous two solutions are great for tight packing, but this one comes with an added bonus of removable rails for the easy storage of hanging files. The higher the stack, the more space and time you save.

This reviewer sums it up well by writing: “This was easy to assemble. The drawer moved in and out very easily, even with lots of files. It stacks up to 5 high with no signs of smashing.”

4 | Lastly, with a classic string-and-button closure design, the Liberty 24” Storage Box is great for high-traffic areas where box overturning could occur. This box is 50% stronger than other string-and-button boxes for stacking without shelving. Liberty storage boxes also feature FastFold assembly and a reinforced plastic handle at the bottom, for easy and safe removal from any shelf.

Our final reviewer wrote, “The durability and functionality of these boxes makes archiving so much easier. The size and depth of the box are perfect, and the ease of construction works so well.”

The reviews are in, and Bankers Box Storage Boxes are the best solution for organizing your files and workplace. With the New Year approaching, take time to get organized and create ways to become more efficient, whether working at home or in the office.

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