The Know how Guide to Cleaner air

In today’s office environment, the need for purified air is more important than ever as more people are returning to the office or working in an office/home hybrid model. Recently, a group of nearly 240 scientists in 32 countries published an open letter concerning global health as it pertains to the airborne spread of COVID-19. These scientists agreed that the micro droplets coming from humans through exhalation, coughing, and speaking, “pose a risk of exposure to COVID-19 at distances beyond 3 to 6 feet from an infected individual.”

Even with the new protocols of social distancing at your workplace, handwashing, and regular surface cleaning, the risk of spread through the air remains unless you also take measures to reduce that risk.

With the chance for transmission of COVID-19 more likely-in indoors or low-ventilated areas, and with flu season approaching, improving your air quality should be just as important as encouraging personal hygiene and social distancing. Air purifiers contribute to a healthier environment just like sanitizers and disinfectants; however, with many different air purifying options, consumers might not know which best suits their needs.

FSIoffice, along with many medical facilities, warehouses, and large and small office spaces, trusts the HEPA filtration system of the Fellowes AeraMax line of air purifiers to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles, viruses, germs and other allergens from our air without the use of chemicals.

Check out our infographic below to see how AeraMax can protect you and your employees!

The Know How Guide To Cleaner Air

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