Upgrade Your Office by Standing Up OR Sitting Down

If you work in an office environment you have probably noticed an increase in the use of sit/stand work surfaces. At FSIoffice over 50% of our worksurfaces are variable height desks or adjustable sit/stand desk conversions.

Static stand-up desks, raised workstations and adjustable versions of both are raising the bar in comfort and lowering the risks of health issues for office workers everywhere. This simple idea also has organizational pluses in addition to scoring style points at the same time over the average lower height office desk.

People continue to get creative with their work posture routines by installing additional features to their desks such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, and calf raising balls.

However, if you haven’t yet reached work surface geek status, we have some less extreme ideas for you to consider.

FSIoffice represents many manufacturers of standing desks and raised work stations such as Lorell, Fellows, and Victor Technology.  Not only do we sell these products, many of our own employees use them at their own workstations.

One of the main reasons our employees love these workstations is it gives the option to stand while working. Below we take a look at why standing at work is good for you.

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Health Benefits

When you think of sitting at work all day, some of the first things that may come to mind are cramps, back pain, and neck pain. Maybe you have even experienced these exact ailments from time-to-time. When you mix it up and stand for some portion of the day, these ailments can be alleviated. A study in 2011 found that standing 66 minutes of the workday reduced aches and pains by 54%.

Also, according to Healthline, in their study of 10 office workers, standing for three hours after lunch resulted in a 43 percent lower blood sugar spike than those who sat for the same period.

In another study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, reducing sitting time at work by just three hours per week increased a sense of well-being for those given the sit/stand option.

If a sit/stand desk or work surface isn’t an option at your job, it’s still a great idea to stand up and walk around the office once in a while during the workday.

Organizational Pros

There is a growing belief that standing desks help culture and engagement. In 2014 the Zillow Group bought nearly 2,600 sit/stand desks for their employees. Dan Spaulding, VP of People and Culture, believes these changes have made the company more attractive to prospects.

“If you’re not considering it, you’re going to put yourself at a competitive disadvantage,” said Spaulding. “Employees don’t want to just sit all day.”

Sit/stand desks are breaking the traditional mold of workplace culture by decreasing the amount of time spent sedentary, providing opportunities to boost well-being and increasing productivity.

Stylish Twist

Finally, it may be time to think about an upgrade to your current desk.

Not only do sit/stand desks or sit/stand desk converters offer health benefits over traditional height desks they can also help you score some style points as well. FSIoffice has a complete line of sit/stand options and you can find a great deal on Lotus RT Single Monitor Workstations in our monthly flyer.

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