Now that it’s summer time, we all may find ourselves drifting off at work from time to time, daydreaming of the beautiful outdoors…  only to come back to reality with a work space that suddenly feels so drab and dreary. There’s no need for your desk to be dull though. Bring the sunshine indoors, and make your work space a bright & cheerful place that actually motivates you to work (instead of going back to that daydream with the sand beneath your toes!).

Here are 10 (inexpensive!) office products that are sure to perk up your desk and liven up your spirits in no time.

One | Stylish Chevron Notebooks


Start by spicing up your desk with a chevron pattern notebook and add some fun to your note-taking!

Two | Mint Green Pop Up Post-It Dispenser 

post it

Admit it – you’re obsessed with Post-Its (who isn’t, right?). Well now you can add to your obsession with this mint green pop-up dispenser – a fantastic way to keep those sticky favorites of yours neat and organized, all while adding some cute decor to your desk.

Three | Photo Desk Organizer 



Desk organizers are ESSENTIAL for a happy work place – and with this organizer from Officemate, you can even showcase your favorite photo (like that one of your dog in a teddy bear costume that you’ve been dying to show off to your coworkers).

Four | Adorable Mini Hole Punchers


Because, well they’re adorable… need we say more?

Five | Pretty Floral Planner


Who wouldn’t want to plan out their day when you have a planner as pretty as this one?

(Want more options? Check out our Power Planner board on Pinterest for more of our planner favorites.)

Six | Sky Blue Stapler


You may not be able to go outdoors, but you can add a little sky blue color to your desk with this stylish stapler from Swingline.

Seven | Colorful Clipfolio


A perfect clipfolio for all the color-loving organizers out there.

Eight | Color Pop Desk Pad


Add a pop of color to your workstation with the ES Robbins Color Pop Desk Pad, available in three fun colors (green, pink, & purple). These colorful desk pads not only protect your desk from scratches and stains, but they also have a smooth surface to reduce fatigue from extended writing.

Nine | Copper Tape Dispenser


Color is a necessity when brightening up your office space, but make sure to mix it up with some neutral metallics, like with this sleek copper tape dispenser from Scotch.

Who knew tape could look so chic?

Ten | Floral Desk Calendar


This beautiful calendar just catches the essence of summer… and we simply adore it!

With these fantastic office supplies, you will make your desk feel so bright and lively that you can’t resist feeling happy all the time (OK, most of the time). Want even more great ideas? Hop over to our Office Supplies board on Pinterest to see even more of our most-loved products.

Leave a comment & tell us which office supplies are your favorite!




  1. No, Chiji, you can do it! Use cheap paper for practice and don’t worry about wasting it. This is art practice–you deserve a couple extra sheets of paper! If you are really worried about waste, you can use scrap paper for practice (you can cut squares from old junk mail letters, the unwrinkled parts of paper bags, unused sheets of paper from old school notebooks, and so on)


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