Make Your Impression-Top 5 Promotional Products Under $1


Putting your logo on everyday products like pens and cups is practically genius! Not only are you increasing your brand awareness and attracting new clients, you are ultimately growing your business and building relationships. Promotional products have been proven many times as an effective and efficient way to market your business to a mass audience without hard labor. Below you will find the best promotional products on the market that are cost effective and stylish. Are you ready to make your impression? 



Top 5 Promotional Products

Under $1!


  1. Writing Instruments


Pencils and pens are perfect promotional products because everyone uses them and they are CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! As the old saying goes, “You can NEVER have too many pens!”

2. Adhesive Notepads


What better way to remind people about your company than with an adhesive notepad that they use for their own daily reminders like shopping lists and doctors appointments? GENIUS! It’s time to start sticking your brand in your consumer’s mind now! Get it? HA!



Did you know that 53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware? Those are some thirsty consumers! Haha! Attract an outdoor companion with the spill-resistant pop-top water bottle. Not only will your potential consumer use this, but travel with it to the gym for others to see!

4. Skeleton Key Tag with LED and Stylus


Turn the key to new customers with this cool multi-functional tool! This skeleton key tag with LED  and stylus is very handy and available in several colors. Not only does it have a light and stylus, but can also be used as a stand for your phone! How key-riffic is that?!

5. Stress Minis


Why not be there for your customer during a stressful time? Simply rest in the palm of their hand and melt the stress away with this squishy ball. You know after the stress has been relieved, a game of desk hoops is sure to follow. Stress minis are great advertising items for massage therapists,  colleges, and universities.


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