3 Easy Steps to Build Your Green Office!

Everyone blogs about how to cut your carbon foot print at home, but what about at the office? In case you haven’t heard the word on the street, the amount of electricity consumed by idle electronics is equivalent to the yearly output of 12 power plants! WHOA! We know! Read below to learn how to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases in your office. You will save money, a different kind of green!

1. Control your office electronics better

Power down your computer, monitor and all other office equipment when you are not using it. You will save energy and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of your work day, turn off all equipment and lights, initiate the power management feature on your computer and monitor and unplug your laptop power cords. If you have everything plugged into a power strip, you can shut down all your electronics at once! 

2. Get ENERGY STAR-qualified items for the office

ENERGY STAR-qualified office items include computers, copiers and printers. Office equipment that has received the ENERGY STAR includes unique energy-efficient designs, which empower them to use less energy while carrying out regular tasks. There are more than 60 product categories beyond office equipment including lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and commercial appliances with ENERGY STAR certification.

3. As the old saying goes, reduce, reuse, recycle!

There are many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at the office! First, only print what you NEED-if you must print use two-sided printing and copying. Secondly, purchase office supplies made from recycled content such as paper products, batteries, and remanufactured printer cartridges. As for all your old electronics (e.g. cell phones, TV’s, computers, monitors), you can donate to your local schools or other organizations and you would be able to take advantage of any available tax incentives for computer donations. See, we told you you would save money; Not only are you helping conserve energy, reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, you are saving your planet for future generations! 

With these 3 easy steps, you can brag around the office that you helped save the planet, like Superman! Ok, that maybe a little over the edge, but you did do your part! If you have more green tips, just comment below! We would love to learn about more ways to save our planet!

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