Innovate Your Amazing Workspace!

Does your company allow you to express your personality in your workspace?  Although most companies enforce a standard design of workspaces, other businesses are taking a different approach to increase employee satisfaction. Many businesses, like Facebook, Inc., IDEO and Google, have discovered that employees are more productive when they are given the freedom to express themselves via decoration in their workspace. It has been proven that when an employee has a work space tailored to their personality, they are more enthusiastic about their work. Just think about it. If you had to work in a room with no windows, dull colors (unless that is your style) and only a computer in front of you, would you feel excited about working in that environment every day?  Most likely not.

HON Room


Now, if you were given the opportunity to design your own workspace beyond your wildest dreams, what would that look like? Bright colored desk accessories and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling? Why not?! Don’t be afraid to be innovative with your work space. After all, it is YOUR work environment that you spend at least 2,080 hours in annually. Share your workspace with us by commenting at the end of this blog post. We would love to see your amazing ideas!

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