Prevent Christmas Clutter

There is nothing more exciting than decorating for Christmas, but everyone dreads the chore of storing the decorations. Be smart this holiday season and prepare ahead of time by acquiring all the essentials you need to stay organized. Don’t worry we have done all the digging online to bring you our must have storage items.

Avery Labels

Avery logo

avery labels.PNG    avery labels 2.PNG

AVE 05463                    AVE 05202

The key to organizing is to have a category name for each type of decoration and the perfect way to do that is with labels.  Avery provides any label you can imagine. If you are an overachiever, you can even color code your decorations.

Classroom Keepers Storage Tote Assortment

Classroom totes


To go along with your color coded system, the Classroom Keepers Storage Totes are perfect! Not only are they stackable, but conveniently portable with handles. Six different colors include blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange. How fun are these? The box itself makes you feel fun and festive all over again!

Color coded. High Visibility Laser Labels (place images)

IRIS Storage box with lid (44 quart)

IRIS logo

IRS 100051


After you have all your category names, assign an IRIS storage box to a category name and begin to fill it. The high-quality clear material is durable and easy for viewing your decorations inside for next year. Storage box features snap-down buckles for secure handling.

Akro-Mils Insight 305B1 Ultra Clear Supply Bin

AKRO Mills logo


If you’re a person that likes to have your decorations conveniently located on a shelf; Akro-Mils Insight Ultra Clear Supply Bins are for you! InSight ultra-clear bin provides attractive, convenient storage. Transparent, autoclavable polycarbonate material provides maximum visibility and easy identification of supplies. Bins can be securely stacked even with lids attached. Strong molded hanger easily hooks onto rails or louvered panels for added storage versatility. Six plastic button feet line the bottom to stabilize the bin on flat or wire shelves. The front of the bin offers a convenient labeling area. Lid is sold separately.

Safco Tabular Steel Wire Rolle File

safco logo

Safco Wire


There is nothing more frustrating than storing all the wrapping paper rolls because of its awkward shape. Worry no more! The perfect storage item for you is the Safco Tabular Steel Wire Rolle File. It is mobile and not height restricted. No matter the length of your wrapping paper, you can easily store it in this steel wire frame. You can store up to 20 rolls of wrapping paper and will last through many more Christmas’s!

Bonus Feature:

Akro-Mils Handheld Tote Caddy

AKRO Mills logo

AKM Tote


Keep yourself from climbing up and down the ladder multiple times by placing your ornaments in an Akro-Mils/ Handheld Tote Caddy. Deep compartments hold loose parts, supplies or tools for easy transport.

Enjoy being smarter this year with these must have organizing products for your holiday décor!




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