How safe is your office?

Did you know that June is National Safety Month?   And believe it or not, the office is full of potential accidents just waiting to happen.  Below are several simple steps you can take to help make sure you and your co-workers stay safe and injury free.

According to CDC the most common office accident is a fall, and the most common causes of office falls are:

  • Tripping over an open file or desk drawer, electrical cord, loose carpeting or objects in walkways or hallways.
  • Bending or reaching for something while seating in an unstable chair.
  • Using a chair in place of a ladder
  • Slipping on wet floors
  • Inadequate lighting

Help avoid these accidents by following these safety tips:

  • Always pay attention and look where you are walking.
  • Keep file and desk drawers closed when not in use
  • Don’t stretch to reach objects from your chair – get up to get them.
  • Report any lose carpeting or electrical cords to the proper personnel to correct.
  • Immediately clean up any spills, and put out wet floor caution signs.
  • Use a step ladder, not a chair to reach items overhead.
  • Avoid leaving items in walkways and hallways.
  • Make sure all areas of your office have proper lighting.

Following these tips may not prevent all office accidents.   The best practice is to be prepared just in case an accident occurs.  A great place to start is making sure that your office has the proper size First Aid Kit for the number of employes on site.   In honor of Safety Month, we have our 10 person First Aid Kit on Sale!  Buy now to take the first step toward a safer office!

~Macey Thomas



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