Buy GREEN for Earth Day!

With great products like these, it’s easy being green this Earth Day!

recycled pen
Pentel B2P pen

Can you believe this is made out of a water bottle?!  That’s right, water bottles.  This is the B2P pen from Pentel, and it’s the first pen ever to be made from recycled bottles.

Samsill Earth’s Choice Binders

Want a FREE Binder?  Just follow the rules on this flyer, and you can get a FREE Earth’s Choice binder from Samsill.  They are biodegradable, and made from 100% Recycled content.


Introducing our new 100% recycled house-brand copy paper, APD8511REC100!  It’s 20 lb., 92 bright, and 8.5×11. We also offer a 30% recycled paper (APD8511REC) and a 50% recycled paper (APD8511REC50).

~Macey Thomas

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