It’s TEPPER Time!


You’ve seen the Tepper on Facebook, everyone is talking about them, there are strange Tepper noises being heard (aka Tweeping) and at FSI there are signs and actual stuffed Teppers all over the place!  But what IS a Tepper?  Well, it’s very simple, and you can be a Tepper too!

Tepper stands for:

  • Think
  • Engage
  • Participate
  • Produce
  • Excel
  • Reward

To learn something new you must THINK, ENGAGE and PARTICIPATE.  By doing those things you will PRODUCE and EXCEL.  After that comes your REWARD. Whether it’s finding out the answer for your customer, or learning how to do a new skill, you are rewarded.   And the best of all Teppers then SHARE that learned information will all their co-workers.  Because if you didn’t know the answer, there is a very good chance that your co-worker didn’t either.  And why reinvent the wheel if you don’t’ have to!

So all of our wonderful CSRs are now in a daily competition to see who gets to keep the Tepper on their desk!  Some are taking this very seriously –

Shawn & Rhonda determined to win the Tepper for the day!
Shawn & Rhonda determined to win the Tepper for the day!

Just kidding! 

The next time you talk to your CSR be sure to ask if they have the Tepper!

~Macey Thomas
ECommerce/Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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