FSI’s Getting Fit!

Ultimately, our business is office supplies, but to better serve our customers, our staff needs to have overall wellness, which is the purpose of FSI Wellness.

The FSI Wellness committee’s goals are to: educate, motivate, and help to improve the overall health of FSI employees. This is done throughout the year via health fairs, educational venues, as well as a Wellness Corner, which is located in the break room of each FSI branch, to be accessible to all staff members. At the Wellness Corner employees have access to insurance information, “Recipe of the Week”, grocery lists, fitness tips, upcoming events and more!

Contests are another way FSI Wellness reaches out to its staff. The committee plans a contest each quarter that ALL FSI employees can participate in. In the past FSI Wellness has hosted a “Couch to 5K” program and race, as well as “The Biggest Loser” competition. Most recently FSI Wellness is getting geared up for the “Get Fit” Contest. This program will test the physical fitness level of participants by core strength, endurance and cardio. The participants will be placed in teams and assigned a coach to motivate them and ensure the participants are doing their best and getting results.

FSI Wellness desires to improve the overall well-being of each employee at FSI so they can thrive in life and the workplace.

Even if you didn’t sign up for the Get Fit contest, feel free to join in on any activities that come up over the next few months!

Get Well! Be Well! Stay Well!

Trisha Autry, FSIoffice
Customer Service/Wellness Committee

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