FSI Highlight: Kelly Sicilia

Kelly SiciliaThis week’s FSI highlight is a recent addition to our team. Kelly Sicilia joined FSI a little over a year ago as a sales rep in the Charleston, S.C. area. Kelly and her husband moved to Hilton Head from the northeast and are thoroughly enjoying the southern hospitality, which she says can even be found in the work place.

“The fact that people are so kind…it still puts a smile on my face. I have never experienced this-when cold calling, whether in person or on the phone, whoever is on the other end does not try to get rid of me. They listen and then say ‘well why don’t you just come in and tell me a little about what you are trying to sell. I don’t need anything right now, but you never know I might in the future.’ It is awesome, I’m loving this southern hospitality.”

Kelly said her favorite part of her job is being able to make people’s lives a little easier. She acknowledges that managers of businesses have a lot to deal with and she enjoys helping them consolidate their spend to save them time and energy.

While Kelly is a talented and impressive sales rep, she also stays busy outside of the office. Kelly has two kids; a son, Jonathan, who is 23 and still lives up north and a daughter, Nicole, who is 18 and a freshman at USC. They also have two dogs, Baxter and Tessa.

Kelly considers herself lucky that she now lives full time in Hilton Head, a place she vacationed to for many years. “I must say, I still feel like I am on a vacation. I love this area.” Kelly grew up on Cape Cod and enjoys visiting the area with her family. Kelly’s husband has relatives in Calabria, Italy and they are planning a trip there in a couple of years. This trip will also be a culinary treat for Kelly, who claims Italian food as her absolute favorite. “There is nothing like going to an authentic, Italian restaurant on Mulberry Street in Little Italy on Manhattan.” I’m getting hungry just writing this!

She is also very active and used to work as a part time fitness instructor, teaching classes three times a week for nearly 20 years. “I loved working in all women clubs because no one was ever judged and it was less intimidating for women who were just starting out. My goal was to make working out fun.”

For some closing thoughts, I asked Kelly for her best piece of advice and she replied, “Not to worry and to have faith. People have always said to me that I must be missing the worry gene because I just don’t. I believe everything always works out.” Don’t we all wish we could inherit that!

-Emily Leazer

Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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