FSI Highlight

At FSIoffice we’re blessed to have an incredibly talented and fun group of employees.  We have very low turnover rates around here and many employees have been with the company for several decades.  The hard work and loyalty of our team is the reason we’ve been successful as a company.  Around here, you will often hear the term The FSI Family.  This term is not just a reference to the Godwin family owners but every employee who makes up our workforce.  In an effort to help you get to know us a little better, we’ll be doing a weekly feature of one of our employees; an FSI Highlight.  We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about this great group working hard for you every day. Our first FSI highlight is the wonderful Barbara Raeford.

Barbara is one of our customer service representatives at the Charlotte office.  She has been a dedicated employee for 10 years and a pleasure to work with and be around.  For those of you who haven’t met Barbara, she is not only a talented customer service rep but someone who always has a smile on her face.  In three words she can be described as giving, loving and encouraging.

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Barbara said the best part is, “Communicating with the customers.  Helping them out when no other supplier can and letting them see what an awesome team we are at FSI.”  Having worked here for a decade, Barbara has had quite a few laughs around the office, but she recounts one of her funniest memories as watching Buddy and Bruce play hosts of “The Price is Right” at one of the CSR meetings.

employee spotlight

If you’re one of her customers, you may know her as a pleasant voice on the phone who always takes care of you, but Barbara stays busy outside of work too.  She currently volunteers at a local homeless shelter helping with the women and children there.  She also has a big family to keep her busy. 

“I have a blended family.  My husband had two kids, I had one and we had one together.  We are blessed that they get along and accept each other as brothers and sisters.” 

Just for fun, I asked Barbara where she would go if she could take a trip anywhere in the world and she said there are a couple places she’d love to visit, but Africa would top them all. Considering what a great job she does here at FSI, it only seemed appropriate to ask what advice she would give someone just entering the work force. 

“I would tell them to always do their best.  Work as if God is your boss because we should let his light shine in all we do.” 

Emily Leazer

Marketing Assistant, FSIoffice

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