Fast food, fast work & fast life ?

fast life, hard work

I think that maybe we all need to think a little deeper, go a little slower and chuckle once in a while to enjoy life. Lately I have struggled with that a lot. For me, it’s really hard to slow down when there are so many demands on your time and you are so used to going wide open all day and part of the evening as well.

The other day I decided to try this “smell the roses” thing. There was a woodworking project  I needed to do and I decided to do all the tasks manually instead of using my power tools. Obviously they would have been way faster but they don’t offer the same amount of engagement as the old fashioned way. It was just a simple project but it took almost twice as long as I thought it would. Now this is not something I could make a living doing but the chance to slow down and enjoy the craftsmanship or the “ambiance” of the task was absolutely wonderful.

It reminded me of my aunt who would wash dishes by hand in the sink even though she had a very nice and perfectly working dishwasher. “It’s my me time” she would say. For years  I had always wondered what she meant by “me time” and why in the world would she would do the dishes by hand.

Now I know. It was her antidote to modern living. You may want to try it sometimes yourself.

Steve Durham

Sr. Account Manager, FSIoffice

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