“Stuff” and the impulse buy!

Clutter in your house

Regardless of the current economic situation, it seems as if almost all of us have way more “stuff” in our house than we really need. And of course we don’t want to get rid of any of our old stuff. We have lots of old stuff but continually get new stuff which results in us having way too much stuff.

Much of it is things that we don’t want and don’t use but that we are afraid to part with just in case we may possibly need it one day. In other words we have clutter. By having so much clutter, we easily lose our fascination with most of what we already have and go looking for more shiny new stuff to get the next “fix”. And . . .the cycle continues.

Impulse purchases are one of the main contributors to clutter. For instance, my wife doesn’t like for me to go shopping at the grocery store because that loaf of bread and gallon of milk she wanted somehow always turns into a $100.00 grocery bill. Food is certainly not clutter but the same principle applies.

When you are shopping, try to ask yourself if you really love it and if you really need it. Just because it’s on sale and is a great deal doesn’t mean you need to bring it home with you. Saving money on something you don’t need is actually wasting money. Unless it’s something you really want and really need, it is destined to be clutter in just a short while and not too long after that, to be landfill fodder. If you come back several days later or a week later and you still want it and think you need it, then by all means make the purchase.

Some stuff you need and some stuff you don’t. Life is easier if you know the difference.

Steve Durham

Sr. Account Manager, FSIoffice

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