Before you leave town . .

island vacationLast week we discussed some of the things you should leave at home when you go on vacation. Here is a list of a few more things, (abbreviated of course), that you may want to do before you leave town for vacation. Several of these tips are from our friends at Smead Manufacturing

Have your friends, neighbors or family pick up your mail and newspapers or either notify your newspaper carrier and the post office that you will be away and to please hold everything until you return. Old newspapers and an overflowing mailbox is a virtual welcome mat to thieves.

Along with taking care of your mail and newspapers, you should also attach timers on lights and TVs so your home looks lived in. Leave a house key and contact information with a neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on the place while you are away.

Check to see if you have any bills, library books, prescriptions or movie rentals that will come due while you are away.

Arrange for house plant care/yard care while you are away.

Check and service everything on your car in plenty of time to have repairs made if needed.

Adjust thermostats before you leave to save energy while away.

Clean the fridge and dispose of perishable foods and garbage before leaving home.

Lock all doors and windows. Arm your security system if you have one

Now with everything taken care of at home, you can enjoy your vacation more. When you do arrive at your vacation spot, talk to the locals and read their newspaper to find out about the unique charms of the area. Local folks going about their daily business are usually willing to point out unique scenery and attractions that seldom get mentioned by the hotel’s staff.  Newspapers also tell you much more about a place than the folks at the hotel.

If you always listen to the concierge you will probably end up hurrying from one cheesy tourist site to the next and never get to enjoy any of the local essence.  . . . and after all, wasn’t that one of the reasons you wanted to go there in the first place?

Happy travels,
Steve Durham

Sr. Account Manager, FSIoffice

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